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Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China. As such it has an autonomous intellectual property legal system with specific mechanisms to protect such rights.

Hence, the registration of a trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right in China will not grant you automatic protection in Macau. In order to effectively protect your IP right the proper registration should be made before the competent authorities in Macau.


A trade mark is a sign that distinguishes your goods and services from those of your competitors. Trade marks are registered in relation to particular goods and services specified in the trade mark application. Getting the description of goods and services right is essential as the exclusive rights arising from trade mark registration only apply to the use of the mark in connection with those goods and services.

► Benefits of registration

ĦE Automatic protection: registration automatically gives you exclusive rights to use your mark in connection with your goods and services. You can prevent competitors or any third party from using a similar mark even if your registered trade mark has not yet established any reputation;

ĦE Perpetual protection: a trade mark registration can last forever as long as you continue using the mark and paying renewal fees;

ĦE Creation of a valuable asset: by registering a trade mark, you create a business asset that has value and can be licensed and sold to third parties;

ĦE Security: you can use your trademark as security for a loan;

► Our trade mark services

ĦE Evaluation on the registrability of new marks
ĦE Trade mark searches
ĦE Trade mark filing strategy
ĦE Filing of trade mark applications and management of portfolios
ĦE Assignments, licenses and changes of identity or address
ĦE Renewals
ĦE Response to clarification requests and objections raised by the trade marks office
ĦE Filing of oppositions and response to oppositions submitted by third parties
ĦE Filing of court appeals and response to appeals

► Pre-registration Search

A search of an already registered trademark, before filing a new trademark is advisable to know about the chances of being granted, and thus, preventing from losing time and money.

► Registration

IPSOL team may assist you on conducting an analysis on the best registration options, having in consideration your mind market interests and the goods and services to be protected.

► Post-registration

IPSOL may assist you in the response to clarification requests and objections raised by the trade marks office, in the response to oppositions during the registration phase and in submitting oppositions against identical or similar filings after your trademark is granted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you require additional information or need to speak to a trade mark attorney or intellectual property lawyer.

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