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Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China. As such it has an autonomous intellectual property legal system with specific mechanisms to protect such rights.

Hence, the registration of a trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right in China will not grant you automatic protection in Macau. In order to effectively protect your IP right the proper registration should be made before the competent authorities in Macau.

Patents And Utility Patents

A patentable invention can be a product or a process, in any area of technology, pertaining to products or processes for obtaining products, substances or compositions, even if they involve a product composed of biological matter or that contains biological matter or a process that permits the production, processing or use of biological matter.

Inventions that alter a subject matter by giving it a configuration, structure, mechanism or disposition that increase its utility or advantages may also be patentable as Utility Patents.

For an invention to be patentable, it must, in general, satisfy the following three key criteria: novelty (the invention should not be publicly known in any way, anywhere in the world); inventive step (the invention must represent an improvement over any existing product or process and it must not be obvious to someone with technical skills or knowledge in the inventionĦĤs particular field) and it must be suitable for industrial application.

► Benefits of registration

ĦE Patent are exclusive rights granted to the owner of an invention to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling the invention without his permission;

ĦE If you register a patent, apart from using the patent to prevent others from exploiting your invention, you can employ it to raise funds for your business, license it to third parties for commercial returns or sell the patented invention;

ĦE In order to prevent others from exploiting your idea prior to you seeking patent protection and to preserve your rights to pursue patent protection, it is advisable that you refrain from disclosing your invention to anyone prior to the filing of the respective patent application. Any disclosure of your idea to other parties should be protected by a formal confidentiality agreement.

► Our Patent services

ĦE Filing of applications
ĦE Assignments, licenses and changes of identity and address
ĦE Payment of Annuities
ĦE Filing of Complementary Certificate of Protection (CCP)
ĦE Extension of Patents filed in China
ĦE Response to clarification requests and objections raised by the trade marks office
ĦE Filing of oppositions and response to oppositions submitted by third parties

► Pre-registration Search

To determine whether a particular idea is patentable, we suggest patentability search carried out in the competent Patent Offices in order to ascertain that your invention do not infringes someone else's patent.

Although a search is not a pre-requisite to filing a patent application, the cost of a search is considerably less than drafting and filing a patent application. Accordingly, if a search reveals that an idea has been disclosed in a prior reference, performing the search will save the expense of preparing and filing a patent application for an invention for which patent protection is no longer available.

► Registration

The IPSOL team may assist you on conducting an analysis on the best registration options, always having in consideration the countries or regions where you intend to commercially explore your invention.

► Post-registration

IPSOL may assist you in the response to clarification requests and objections raised by the Patent Office and in the response to oppositions submitted by third parties during the registration phase and in submitting oppositions against identical or similar filings submitted by after your Patent is granted.

We also provide assistance in the filing of the necessary requests for the extensions of Patents filed in China so that such Patents are effective in the territory of Macau and provide you continued assistance in the enforcement of your rights through civil lawsuits and criminal charges against counterfeiters or any third party who infringes your IP rights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you require additional information or need to speak to a trade mark attorney or intellectual property lawyer.

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