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Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China. As such it has an autonomous intellectual property legal system with specific mechanisms to protect such rights.

Hence, the registration of a trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right in China will not grant you automatic protection in Macau. In order to effectively protect your IP right the proper registration should be made before the competent authorities in Macau.

Domain Names

Domain names allow you to identify your business on the internet and are vital IP assets for your business.

The registration of a domain name in China will not grant you automatic protection in Macau, since domain names should be register under the specific country code Top Level Domain Name (ccTLD) .MO.

IPSOLíŽs team can assist you on the registration procedure and maintenance of your domain name under the country code .MO.

Requirements: In order to register a domain name .COM.MO or .MO, the registrant must have a company registered in Macao or a registered trademark in Macao.

A domain name under .MO is only allowed to those who registered second-level .COM.MO domain first.

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